Hello, world!

21 Ene

I’be been blogging for more than three years now, mainly about personal stuff, and practically only in Spanish.

But I’ve decided it’s time for a change, time to expand my horizons, and so I start this blog today, which I’ll try to write in English and where I just want to express my thoughts about the Web, all the things I’m finding out about this amazing set of technologies and the possibilities they enable.

Please, be welcome to my IT ruminations.


Una respuesta to “Hello, world!”

  1. alba febrero 12, 2009 a 11:06 pm #

    Hey! Lo he descubierto ahora :)
    me pasaré de vez en cuando por aquí también, aunque el inglés me resulta pesado de leer…quizás será la manera de practicarlo un poco!
    Good luck en esta nueva aventura,
    big hug

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